The 'My Three Sunflowers' Story


Hi! My name is Rania. I live nestled somewhere in between the Yarra Valley and The Dandenong Ranges, in the far outer east of Melbourne. I share my home with Brendan my wonderful husband, our three young children, our poochy Coco and three chickens named Margo, Poppy and Sophia. 'My Three Sunflowers' is named after my three children, Julius, Eden and Sierra, and this website is all about sharing our gardening adventure stories with you. My children have been the driving force behind so much of what my husband and I are trying to achieve on our humble suburban block... which is to create a food forest filled with fruit trees, overflowing herbs, edible shrubs and fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables.



It just so happened that a couple years ago, out of nearly fifty sunflower seeds that I sowed not a single one survived snail attacks while we were away on holiday. My son was then sent five sunflower seeds in the mail from his soon to be teacher at his first year of school ... only three of those seeds made it and they became three beautiful sunflowers that stood side by side. My children loved these sunflowers and would often come running inside to give me an update on how big they were getting. The three sunflowers reminded me of my children and their presence in my garden.

And so it was... My Three Sunflowers... It started because of them and it is all for them... because I wanted a home for them to grow up in and fruit trees for them to climb in and veggie beds for them to get their fingers dirty in. I want them to know where food comes from. I want them to remember the feeling of biting into a freshly picked cucumber from the garden and the smell of the sweetly scented fresh herbs by the back door that they walked past a million times. I want them to remember us spending warm evenings walking through to the sound of buzzing bees and I want them to remember us standing in the rain to gather some winter veggies for dinner. I just want them to feel the nostalgic tug at their heart strings whenever they think of the garden once they are older. And should they grow to love being in the garden as much as I do, well that would be all that I could ever ask for.


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